Soliya Reflection Week 1

As their website describes: Soliya is an organization that aims to prepare the next generation with the ability to “Engage with difference constructively”. I found that rather poetic. The session itself is comprised of a group of ethnically different people that sit together in a video chat room. I walked into this experiment with mixed feelings; the quality of the stream probably won’t be good, the sound will not be excellent, the people will not speak good English and so on.. But it was nothing like that! The people logging in shortly, and to my surprise, it was a small group, which mean that we could all be introduced to each other well. Our collective ages ranged from 18 all the way to 42, and since our number was not large, we managed to clearly discuss our opinions, thoughts and reflections. Our most shared topic was Women in the Arab world. Sure, we are different, but fundamentally we are human, and that is where our differences ended. It was friendly, impressive, awesome and most importantly fun.


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