Soliya Final Reflection Week

What a platform! The concept of accepting different people is in deep need to be refreshed for our society. I knew going into this experiment that I would emerge a different man, and I must admit that indeed I have. Accepting other people’s thoughts and opinions is a postulate of successful social interaction that we have been missing. And a tool such like Soliya is design to renew our faith in that very postulate.

The topics themselves that we discussed were increasingly interesting, from women’s rights, to identity, to freedom of self expression to social interaction. The variety and intrinsic value are incredible to say the least. And the fact that so many opinions were put on the table was eye opening. It is one of a kind, not every day does one get to listen to 7 or 8 different opinions from completely different origin about one topic. Soliya have achieved their aim, “Engaging with difference constructively”. I believe that a society can only rise because of how well differences are handled. In Egypt, for example, difference is handled badly and with great prejudice. This makes opinions grow in a hard shell that is difficult to crack, making any argument an exercise in futility. While Soliya is a very good tool to eliminate this, I believe that the government should embed this concept into much younger audiences. This should cause a ripple effect to the older generations too as they catch up and become more accepting like their offspring.

On Soliya, everyone was safe, respectful and topics rolled right by. I personally changed my mind about a lot of things just by actively experiencing respect for my own opinion. We are fundamentally human, what unites humans is significantly greater than what separates them, and I believe that Soliya is proof of that previous statement. Soliya unites people, breaks walls and erects bridges across time and space.


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