Digital Narrative Games Reflection

For the first game Spent, I thought it was challenging at first as you have limited amount of money to spend and limited resources but at the end i managed to save 430$ at the end of the month but had to do a lot of sacrifices like not attending my kid’s play and not fixing the car, and living without any electricity. i have learned to be more responsible with the money i have because someone out there doesn’t have to feed their kids everyday, so i better be careful. to improve the game i suggest they should put an optimistic result in the game, because all they do is try to harm you with anything, but thats not always realistic. 

For the second game, BBC Syrian Refugees, it was important to choose wisely in every step you make, because each step can be the gate to end your life or start a new obstacle. i have learned that for some people life is not fair, and people are cruel, war in any place needs to end. People deserve to live and enjoy their lives. no need for improvement in this games, it only needs more awareness because this is a serious topic. 

For the third game, Sleep-Deprived Mom Game, its good to feel and act like a mother for once, even though Im a man. But this is an awareness to see how mothers feels when we used to give them hard time and how the young girls will feel when they have a jib and a baby plus a home to take care of. to improve the game i suggest to put more options on some questions and be a little bit lenient on the mother haha.

The fourth game, responsible partying. We all have been in this situation before somewhere, but this time i decided to go along with the bad guy attitude, as I made all the wrong decisions. I learned to be more wise when it comes to parenting, teaching them the right and respective way in living, because wrong decisions in life can lead to regret in the future. 

The fifth game was A Whale Tale, where you are a whale, lost your mother and had to either look for her in the ocean or try to live by yourself, it also explains the journey of the whale finding oil spill, plastic garbage and more human wastes in the ocean that could have ended the whales life easily. this game is to teach to take care of our oceans by avoiding throwing wastes, never build factories and industries near oceans to avoid oil spills and wastes thrown there to stop harm for the marine animals. the game is quite short for some reason so it could be better to make it longer and with other information on how oceans are polluted. 

The games are not all similar but they all have something common, which is to raise awareness for a specific thing, these games are really good approach for people who are not aware of whats happening to the world and need to take care of whats going on while they are too busy buying luxurious stuff or too busy getting drunk at a parties.


CLT Anniversary Event

The Future Of Higher Education

In the video presented by AUC AMICAL teaching an learning innovation exchange, the presenter Dr. Siemens make presentation to the audience explaining to them the idea of the model of higher education, and the needs of the students and the institution are becoming more complex by time. That’s why the higher education system needs to adapt and obtain these change because the education of the future need to mimic the architect information technology of today. He discussed the aspects of the architecture of information today and how it affects the way of teaching in the higher education technology. There are many factors effecting the advancement of the higher education system, which is networks, and connections that helps in many fields of education that helps people stay connected and ease them the ability to vote and share their opinion about the trending issues. Moreover, it sheds light on the importance of networks and how it impacts the education system by increasing the learning agency and how it helps students move forward to the level of education they are aiming for. Thus it proves that people tend to learn more what they want to learn and it gives them a motivation to find a way of learning it, which is what informal education, reflects. By the same token, he discussed the difference between learning methods used today and how people used other methods of learning a while ago. For example, he mentioned how in the old days people used to gain knowledge from discussing informal issues with friends and family to gain new information about specific topics. However taking a look by the methods used to gaining knowledge today seems totally different whey anyone can Google anything and know almost every information found about the topic googled.

Moreover, Siemens also mentioned how students and people in general can choose what to learn from all of the platforms that’s available in front of them, how can they learn through distributed means. By discussing the model system of higher education, we need to study and analyze the perfect tuition fees that would fit the program, which can also enables specified social classes of society to be able to join the program. For example, he discussed the Free education concept and how it effects the upper and middle class of community, it also analyze if free education would encourage people to learn.

In fact technological improvement allowed them to introduce a new idea of having places called the mind games where one can simply visit to know how to use their brains in the right way, how to direct their thinking these mind games include, mind meditative practices that help people think better and clearly. in conclusion this video aims to focus on the advancement of the system of the higher education and its relation to the technological information system. Thus it states how some aspects of the new technological architectural information system reflects on the future of the model of higher education system.