#EngageMOOC 1


Topic number one

Video introduction:

In this topic they explained what is participatory public engagement? and they meant by this is that how society and citizenship get involved and engage in a democratic way changed due to the high flow of social media. as this course also doesn’t aim on digital citizenship only,  but to people that are new to the online media like facebook. as this course also aims that solutions are not technological. However, education and politics have a huge role in this, and how well that individuals work together may change the form of the society we’re part of. Further more, Maritime Canada, is an area that has 6 generations tradition of youth leaving for the duty jobs. it was said that 100 years ago a movement started which was called Antigonish. it taught Literacy so more people could participate and get involved in the democratic process of that time as well as brought people together.

Topic number one

Discussion form:

Topic one Challenge:

Do we look for new encounters or settle in the well-known? This inquiry represent the battle of correspondence barrier. In a world loaded with online networking and examination, the decision of the 5W and H ( how, when, where, etc..) we connect with can unintentionally limit our perspective and decision of the world. In the event that you know about it and connect with importantly inside that restricted utilization design at that point anything outside of that turns into an Other.

A large portion of anyones online arbiter random experiences result from the collaboration of an unknown person’s post or post from somebody I have met and have associated with in web-based social networking. This raises doubt about whether it is irregular since there are known relationship, yet once in a while would someone be able to simply drop into an experience without this.


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