I remember I was asked when I was young what I would like to be when I’m older. I didn’t have any idea yet and thought about several stuff that would sound and look cool if I became any of them. Maybe a Pilot, police officer, or even a successful business man. I had lots of ideas but never stuck on one. Lately, i have been thinking in the same question again and questioning myself where do I see myself in the next 20 years or so. Still couldn’t find an answer to it. You see, my perspective in life is not in what degree you aim to get or the perfect career to pursue. Yes, these are an important factors in life to live in a comfortable state. However, life to me has a huge meaning other than these factors. For example, quality time with your beloved ones. Ever thought to yourself if you’re spending the right amount of time with your family instead of hanging out with your friends or spending time on anything else less important? Aiming to help the poor or people who are sick that are unable to help themselves rather than paying tons of money on our wants to satisfy our minds and figure. Im not trying to assert that enjoying your time is wrong but in time I guarantee you’ll be begging for these moments to come and you wont have the chance to act upon any. A wise man once told me in a similar words “the real aim of life is to pursue the happiness of others before yourself, and when you satisfy those people you’ll will instantly find inner peace.” Thats what I will be looking forward to try to achieve through out my life, along with my degree hopefully. That’s what I will be mostly proud of if I seek to satisfy as many people as I can. #altcv


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